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This is the first of many posts on and around the Electric Universe.  In this first post, I wanted to set the scene and explain how I became interested in the topic and how I intend on evolving this blog/website.

Since a very young age, I have had a fascination with the stars and the Universe.  I am also driven to try and understand how things work (which mainly involved taking things apart and attempting to reassemble them, often unsuccessfully).  At one stage I considered studying Astrophysics at Uni but in the end, decided that there weren’t many jobs to be had in that direction so went a different path. At school I hated history but now working, I became more interested in ancient antiquity.  I was inspired by the likes of Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock.  There were connections they were making that the mainstream was simply not interested in – this fascinated me. I also took a deep interest in Nikola Tesla, both in his life story and also in his remarkable inventions.  I even built myself a few tesla coils to play with.  Again Tesla had a fundamental understanding of electricity that no-one else seemed to have.  I also continued to read Physics books to help me to understand Quantum theory and the quest to unite this with relativity.  I read many books from people proclaiming to have new theories and tie these into ancient myths but they were all incomplete or too singular.

I then came across a documentary by David Talbott called remembering the end of the World.


At first, I found it very fanciful and took it as another one of those theories.  The penny dropped for me when they linked the shapes to electric discharge shapes that they could reproduce in the lab.  I was hooked and started to hunt for more information on the topic and this lead me into the wonderful world of the Electric Universe.  The problem was that the amount of material was so large that I was finding hard to fit it all together in a coherent fashion.  I’m a scientist at heart and find it important to be able to discuss the quality of certain ideas and the evidence that backs it up.  This is the idea behind this website.  I want to try and bring together as much information and evidence for each area making it easier to find out more about one specific topic or simply browse.  In an ideal world, I would build a beautiful website to contain all this information but that’s just not possible.  So my plan is to try and manage this as a blog but group together the blog post for you on different pages and then from time to time extract the information from the blogs to create dedicated pages to these areas.

I hope you will join me on this journey of learning and understanding and would be very interested to learn from you what inspired you to learn more about the Electric Universe

(Featured image copyright: NASA)